Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Unusual Objects Stuck to KellyFaith's Head

I know I've been lax in my blogging these days, but I've been busy...school starting, job, family, blah, blah, blah. However, I have been collecting stories to delight and entertain all my fans (all three of y'all - BFF!) Anyway, I will start what I expect will be a reoccurring theme on the blogosphere that I like to call "Unusual Objects Stuck to KellyFaith's Head". Folks, it's not Pulitzer material, but it's my life (sad as that may be). Enjoy.

It all started a couple of weeks ago as I was closing a weekly meeting with BL (Boss Lady) in a conference room. As usual, I brought my laptop and plugged into the frontage road (that's my way of saying my company's intranet...not quite a superhighway, but it occasionally leads to something useful). Anyway, I had my laptop plugged into a phone cord coming from the wall of the conference room. After the meeting, I was chatting with BL as I collected my belongings. I was feeling particularly alert that morning, so I managed to remember to unplug the computer before picking it up to leave (it only took 3 times of being yanked back like a disobedient puppy by the cord still securely plugged to the wall to learn this trick). So, I was on top of my game and feeling pretty pleased with myself...for a split second anyway. By some mystical force, yet to be named by all of mankind, that little plug on the end of the cord ended up tangled in my hair. I have no recollection of trying to plug my computer into my ear or raising the plug to my head in any way...but it was stuck there nonetheless. I stood there for a few seconds snugly tethered to the conference room wall. BL gave me a funny look, but did not say anything (bless her heart). Then, in a Crouching Tiger quick move, I ripped the cord from my hair...taking a large clump of hair with it. I looked at it for a moment, then casually removed the hair from the plug and tossed it in the trash bin. By this time, BL was barely containing her giggles. It was then that I noticed the slight pain. I raised my hand to touch the sore spot only to find a small trickle of blood coming from a bare patch on my noggin. Yes, I practically scalped myself with a computer cord. I assure you it's only a slight exaggeration and it was just as humiliating as the time I cut my own bangs in elementary school. Only this time, the woman who holds the financial future of my little family in her hands was overcome with laughter and probably considering taking away my stapler.

I'm sure I managed to accomplish some work that day, but I don't remember it. The day is forever burned into my "Embarrassing Moments" file in my memory. At this rate, I may require a few extra GB of space to allow for the never ending barrage of mortification that makes up my day-to-day activities.

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