Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Name for a New Year

Since I've put away my knitting, scrapbooking and stamping and I haven't posted a quote on this blog in forever...I've been thinking it's probably time for a new name for this blog. Of course, I am still a wife and mother....and crazy, but I just don't think the current moniker fits anymore.

When CT was born, PK and I had hours and hours of discussion (and argument) over the perfect name. It had to be classic, but current. It had to represent the kind of personality we envisioned our child to have, but it couldn't be too specific (I once knew a girl named Joy who dressed entirely in black, had a pierced nose and sulked was a bit unnerving). Most importantly, we needed a name that did not sound like or rhyme with any dirty word or words that could possibly sound dirty in some context that a 10-year-old could conceive of. In addition, we avoided names that rhymed with synonoyms of "smelly" or "fat" (I'm forever scarred by the "Kelly Jelly Belly" taunts of second grade). We also eliminated any palindromes which are just a little bit creepy and after all that, there was only one name left. So, by process of eliminate, CT got his name (hehe, you thought I was going to spill it, didn't you?).

Yes, time for a new name...but what will it be? Stay tuned....

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Anonymous said...

You missed the requirement that it could not be a name already in use by someone in my family.