Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Don't worry, the Easter Bunny found us in Honduras

Easter isn't really a big holiday in Honduras. In fact, even the church service was strangely devoid of anything having to do with Easter. Even though the entire country comes to complete halt during "Holy Week", there's really nothing "holy" about it for most people.

So, Easter was different this year for us. But that's not to say it wasn't good! On Saturday, we joined the other redheads on campus to dye Easter Eggs. PK headed over to the chicken coop and attempted to dye a few of the chicks as a joke, but the dye was too watered down to work and he only succeeded in irritating the little guys.

Much to CT's surprise, the Easter Bunny managed to find him all the way in Honduras. On Easter morning he woke to find his eggs hidden and a basket full of goodies on the coffee table. It's clear that the Big Bunny must have lost his luggage on the trip down, because he had to substitute the usual bounty with some trinkets from the Honduran Dollar Store. The odd little basket included a refrigerator magnet, two ball-point pens, a squishy ball toy and a ceramic parrot knick-knack....oh, and most importantly, a ziploc bag full of gummy bears.

We did go to church and even found a restaurant open to have lunch out with our friends. The restaurant didn't have any electricity and was out of what we wanted to eat, but the company was good and it was nice not to have to cook. In the afternoon, we were treated to a downpour that cooled everything off. We tried to Skype with our families celebrating at home, but the weather made the connection almost impossible. So we gave up and spent the rest of the day welcoming back the boys from their vacations. We have gotten so used to having them around, that it was a relief to have them all back safe and sound. We capped the night off watching them play soccer.

So, it wasn't our typical Easter, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am reminded that this year things will be completely different for our family. But I know we'll look back on this Easter as one of our favorites. This year, we are content to serve the living Savior in Honduras.

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