Friday, April 02, 2010

Our Honduran Son

Since we arrived, we've been trying to find Luis. Luis is the young man we sponsored last year, but he was not accepted back to the school this year. We knew he lived in Catacamas, but we didn't know how to contact him. Luckily, Eddy recognized a photo of his good friend, Luis, at our house and called him for us.

Today, Luis finally came to visit us. We feel like Luis is our Honduran son and have looked forward to seeing him again all year. It was good to see him, but also a little awkward. Once we got past the "HI. How have you been?" conversation, we didn't have much else to say. We played a couple of hands of Uno and made lunch. He stayed for several hours, but we really had a tough time relating to eachother. It wasn't at all the reunion I expected and I'm a little sad tonight. I did invite him to join us for church on Sundays in Catacamas, but he declined saying he didn't really have time for church. He did promise to come again soon and I hope we can get past the weirdness and reconnect again.

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