Saturday, June 05, 2010

How to Start Your Summer Break Right

The boys of El Sembrador have just started a one-week school vacation and to kick it off they got a much-needed and much-dserved study break. In the field outside the school, a complex obstacle course was set up comeplete with pies to be thrown and a kiddie pool full of some kind of brown sludge. It was so much fun to see them let loose for a change. I just feel sorry for all the moms that have to do their laundry this week!

Of course, CT couldn't resist joining in the mess. But I was a little surprised when PK pulled off his socks and shoes to race Reyes. And, in case you're wondering, a 15-year-old boy can still be outrun by a slightly older U.S. Marine on an obstacle's just that he's little more tuckered out at the finish line!

Edwin Alberto and Henry on the obstacle course

Rusbel headed for the finish line

Elvis Renan and Jorge after the race

Luis at the finish line

PK and Reyes in the race

PK, Reyes and Elvis Renan in the pool of sludge

PK and Reyes at the finish line

PK after the race

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