Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Tradition

Friday was CT's last day of 7th grade. It's a tradition at the MK school to burn the books on the last day. It's a strange tradition, but CT and ST (Super Teacher) were excited and invited us all to watch. Afterwards, we roasted marshmellows and sang campfire songs. We were joined by several boys and CT was delighted to teach them how to play his favorite campfire game, Chubby Bunny, with the leftover marshmellows.

I can't believe middle school is over. CT has had an amazing 7th grade that he'll never forget. We are so proud of all he has accomplished and the way he has handled his ministry at El Sembrador. He's quite a young man!
CT and his bag of fire fuel collected from school.

CT and ST feeding the fire

Hey, I think that's my Spanish did that get in there?!?

Justo plays in honor of CT's 7th grade year.

Elvis Renan in his first Chubby Bunny game

Darwin (Pinky) is the champion with 18 this is a ministry!

Yep, soooo proud....

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