Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

Today, CT begins his first day of 8th grade. He'll be attending the first half of the year here at the MK school, where he is the only student. I pointed out to him that this made him the top of his class and the teacher's pet, but he was not impressed. We are lucky to have AT (Awkward Turtle) here to teach him. I'm hopeful that she will finally be able to teach him some organization skills! His classes are mostly taught through video with worksheets, tests and quizzes given by AT, who will also track his grades and collect his work.

He has the typical English, history, pre-algebra and science classes. He'll also have Spanish II and Bible classes. But he's most excited about his art/photography class, which will be taught by AT four days a week. One day will be devoted to photography and the other three days will include art projects and art appreciation according to the curriculum provided by the MK school. AT even has a camera she'll lend CT for his projects and lots of great ideas to make the class fun and interesting. He'll also have time to work in the wood carving area with the boys (his "shop" class) and for trumpet practice.

Most importantly for all of us...no more whining about how bored he is!

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