Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Independence Day Honduras!

It was a really hot and humid morning, but that didn't keep people from the sizzling sidewalks of Catacamas for the annual Honduras Independence Day parade. We were lucky to find a spot close to the beginning of the parade with some shade and a little step for us to sit on. Like most parades, the best part is the children. Lucky for us, that's all there was in this parade....lots and lots of really adorable Honduran kiddos. The only adults were the few stage moms carrying umbrellas and shielding their little princesses from the harsh sun and pushing them in front of my camera.

The parade took most of the morning. We followed the last marching band up the packed, sweaty street to our favorite coffee shop where we patiently waited for our frappacinos. It's a good thing that Hondurans don't have personal space issues because I'm pretty sure a few of them would have been angry at us for shoving our way past them on the sidewalk. Afterward we called Texaco and ordered a pizza and then caught a cab to pick it up and back to the farm.

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