Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A "Special" Goodbye

One thing I've learned about Hondurans is that they love to make things special and when things are special they like to really drag them out until they no longer seem so special. The same is true with goodbyes. Last night we had a "special" dinner for the students and staff as a chance to thank them for the year and another opportunity for me to blubber uncontrollably and blow my nose repeatedly. The boys enjoyed the meal and the special awards that were given by the teaching staff. They even had a parting gift for us...a carving of the church on a serving tray for PK and I and a little carved box for CT. The most awkward moments came when everyone was asked to say something "special" to our family and AT. The cricket noises were deafening. I hope that's because everyone was too nervous to speak in front of the large group and not because they couldn't think of anything nice to say about us. Finally, the pastor from El Carbon took mercy on us and stood the thank PK for his work with the electricity in his church.

After the dinner, we took the opportunity to take photos of and with the boys. My how they love the cameras! We spent hours with them until my battery was dead and I was exhausted. Of course, I had to be wearing the ugliest outfit in my closet last night! We all wore black pants and a white shirt to serve the dinner.

I hate goodbyes and there are many more "special" days of goodbye ahead of me.

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