Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's hard enough to present our ministry to potential supporters without the added embarrassment that comes from just being prone to calamity and general stupidity. Trust me. This is something I am all-too familiar with these days.

This week we were invited into the home of a pastor and leader of a young adult program to discuss ways we could partner with them in ministry. I mean we're talking serious God-business here. Leave it to me to find some way to humiliate myself and come off looking like a complete idiot. And the worst part? I didn't even realize I'd done it until hours later.

I've been told that I'm not a bad public speaker. I'm not sure I agree with that, but there are times where I can just feel that I've got the rapt attention of the entire audience. Smaller groups are a little harder for me to judge, but in this case everything seemed to be going according to plan. Everyone was at least looking in my general direction and pretending to listen. You really can't ask for more than that. Of course, being the center of attention is always a welcome place to be for my over-inflated ego. I mean, let's face it, humility is not really one of my gifts. So, for well over an hour we talked and plotted and planned, with my big mouth dominating the conversation. Yep, in my book it was going well.

And as we walked to the car and made our way home, I was pretty much in high spirits--certain that we'd made a good impression and represented the ministry well. That's when the Lord decided He'd had quite enough of my self-satisfaction and put me squarely in my place. That's when I looked down and discovered that my blouse was on inside-out. And not just inside-out, but really, really obviously so. The overly-large seams poked awkwardly from either side. The cute bow on the front caused a strange lump on my chest area and the long plastic loops that are intended to help you keep your clothes neatly hung, instead flopped down my arm from the shoulders. That's right. I did an entire presentation looking like I just dressed myself for the very first time. Hello awkward realization. Goodbye dignity.

Immediately, I was reminded of the verse in James--"God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." Consider me properly humbled. Thank you God for not letting me take myself too seriously!


mom said...

you are truly your mother's daughter!!!

Keithmiss said...

love it. Welcome to the world of ministry. God has His way of keeping us like Jesus; humble. Matthew 1128-30