Wednesday, October 03, 2012

No More Mr. Nice Guy

So many of our friends with secular worldviews admire Christian values. They give to the poor, support their neighbors, make personal sacrifices for the good of others and are kind to outcasts. And if you were to ask these do-gooders about Jesus, they would admit that He was a nice guy, maybe a prophet--even a great moral teacher. But God? No, that's ridiculous.

It's popular today to think of Jesus like the Dali Lama or Oprah. He was peaceful, innocent, friendly, a master of PR and even performed a few magic tricks. This ideology permeates our culture today. Archeology, ancient texts and the wide variety of witness testimony make it nearly impossible to contest the historical figure of Jesus. He most certainly lived. And He most certainly had a significant impact on the ancient world that continues today. It is absurd to argue these points based on what we now know. But was He the Son of God?

Here's the biggest problem with this "Mr. Nice Guy" ideology: How can a man be of outstanding moral character--a role model for all of humanity--and be a liar? Jesus repeatedly claimed to be God. It's a contradiction. Reason says that Jesus could not have been the honorable, honest, humble human without also being the Messiah.

So, who was Jesus? There is only one logical conclusion. Jesus was and is Lord. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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