Friday, February 21, 2014

UPDATED!!!! 30 Things We Want to Do Before We Leave

30 Things We Want to Do DID Before We Leave

These last months have been busy, stressful and exhausting. But that doesn't mean we didn't have a little fun along the way. We finally finished the checklist that mattered the most.

Click on the "photo" link beside each item on our list to see a picture.
  1. Eat at Pablo's  photo
  2. Make a snowman photo
  3. See a movie at a theatre photo
  4. Have pizza delivered  photo
  5. Eat at Mr. Pig Stuff photo
  6. Enjoy fall foliage  photo
  7. Go bowling  photo
  8. See a baseball game photo
  9. Go for a bike ride  photo
  10. Eat at Taco Bell  photo
  11. Spend an afternoon all alone  photo
  12. Take a bath photo
  13. Have a root beer float photo
  14. Eat Nana's No-Bake Cookies photo
  15. Eat pumpkin pie photo
  16. Pet a dog that doesn't growl or bite photo
  17. Play Mario Kart  photo
  18. Drink hot chocolate  photo
  19. Appreciate the dishwasher  photo
  20. Lie on the carpet photo
  21. Have a snowball fight photo
  22. Wear shorts  photo
  23. Enjoy the a/c photo
  24. Eat a glazed donut  photo
  25. Eat a bowl of cereal other than Corn Flakes photo
  26. Go skiing photo
  27. Knit something  photo
  28. Go geocaching  photo
  29. Watch t.v.  photo
  30. Eat Grandma's pancakes  photo

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