Friday, February 21, 2014

We're Soaked

The packing and moving is done. The hours of time on the road has come to an end. And we've spent this week learning how to adjust to life on the field with a group of some of the most inspiring and passionate people we've ever met. We're more than exhausted. We're soaked.

It's raining in Indiana this week. And as the snow melts, it has revealed muddy earth that is the consistency of a soaked sponge. And that is a fitting environment for these last hours in the U.S. Our minds are overwhelmed with the information we've been taught and with plans that need to be executed in the coming days. And our hearts are full with a renewed passion for God's global plan and the love of the new relationships we've developed. At the same time, it's difficult to ignore the family and friends we're leaving behind. There aren't really words that capture all that emotion.

Tomorrow a new chapter begins. But today we're just like the ground in Marion, Indiana. We're just soaked.

We may be bound for nations around the globe, but we are forever connected in a very special way.

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