Monday, July 14, 2014

I'll never eat another cookie...

Ok, maybe just one, but a long, long time in a future that I can't imagine at the moment. Today was our first day working here at El Sembrador and everyone is busy getting ready for the big 60th Anniversary Celebration.

Steve put in some outdoor lighting to highlight the beautiful gardens around campus. Working on wiring during a rainy season downpour seems like a perfectly normal thing to do right? I, on the other hand, helped Andi in the kitchen. We made over 1,500 chocolate chip one day. And get this: There are exactly three chocolate chips in each cookie. I don't know if that's the perfect chocolate-to-cookie ratio or what, but it seemed really important. I think I'll be counting chips in my sleep tonight!

Steve and I just arrived back at home covered in mud, sweat and baking flour. I think we forgot how exhausting this really is!

Andi and I were cookie-making machines!


Efoss said...

Holy smokes Kelly! I wish I was there, I could have helped you eat all those cookies lol! Miss you guys!

Jan Geffers said...

Hi Kelly! In the course of going to family camp and celebrating our anniversary, I missed some of your posts and just discovered this one. OMG! EXACTLY THREE chips in each cookie, huh?!! Come on...didn't you try to sneak in an extra chip somewhere just to see if you could get away with it??!! ;-)